The Tea rules!

And what I mean is not the drink. The tea I’m going to talk about is a tea tree oil – a miraculous substance good for almost everything.

The tea tree oil is produced in a process of steam distillation from the leaves of  Melaleuca Alternifolia, a tree growing in the South East Queensland and on the North East coast of New South Wales in Australia. The name was probably given to the tree by Captain Cook, who used the leaves to make an infusion drunk instead of tea.


The oil contains over 98 substances and has antibacterial and fungicidal properties. As any other substance it can cause allergies, but the cases are very rare. It is one of just a few oils that can be used  in an undiluted form, but only in small amount and on limited area of skin.

The number of uses of the oil is unlimited. Here are some most popular and most effective:

– acne – use the oil directly on the pimple or add two or three drops to the facial wash you use; be careful as the oil can irritate eyes; in case it gets in the eye you should wash it with milk and go to the doctor,

– cough, sore throat – add 1 – 2 drops to hot water and inhale,

– bruises, wounds, burns – rub in the affected area; has antibacterial properties and helps healing,

– insect bites – I highly recommend the oil on the mosquito bites as it lessens and even eliminates itching totally while the bump gets smaller,

– reppeling insects, also the ones on plants – in this case the best idea is to prepare a spray from a few drops dilluted in water,

– removes mould e.g. in the bathroom and prevents it from returning,

– nail mycosis – rub in the infected area,

– chest massage during illness and massage of painful muscles or joints in rheumatism – the tea tree oil needs to be dissolved in a base oil such as coconut oil or grapeseed oil,

– oil diluted in water can be used as a mouthwash; be careful with the amount of oil as it can hurt the mucous membrane and do not swallow as it’s toxic.

For a long time I’ve been buying a pure oil from  Alva. It is important to always check if the oil is pure, as many companies sell mixtures with only 10% oil while the rest is paraffin and other totally absurd and unnecessary additives. Such tricks are played on us by The Body Shop and Oriflame. And probably many more.


Tea tree oil is used in facial care for oily skin, skin prone to acne and to cure dandruff. It regulates sebaceous glands and is antibacterial.

I have recently discovered two interesting series with tea tree oil made by  CMD and Styx. I will definitely try something.

That’s all for now. Go and buy your oil and enjoy its wonderfull properties and a killer smell (it’s strong, but I like it)!

See you soon 🙂