The must serum


Here is an orchid accidentally encountered in a park in Singapore. A real epiphyte. A plant which uses the other one as a support but it doesn’t really hurt it. The serum I’m going to describe includes an orchid extrat. However, from a differnet one. From vanilla. Here it is. 


Not very pretty and it has never bloomed. 

This girly post is about a cosmetic which I like very much and buy often. 

Alterra Serum with Orchid from a natural Rossmann collection.


According to the producer the serum is dedicated to mature and demanding skin but for me it’s for every kind. Moisturising agents are argan oil and plant glycerine.  Gingko biloba, Q10 and hyaluronic acid protect skin from free radicals and in result, from aging. The orchid (Vanilla Planifolia), horsetail and green tee extracts smooth. And this is the effect that captivated me. Smoothness of skin is amazing. The remaining results are a long-term issue so it’s believe it or not case.  

The ingredients:


Alterra series is of course certified. It has a German BDIH certificate for products complying  with extreme ecological norms.


Moreover, it has a Vegan certificate confirming that a cosmetic is apprioprate for people on a vegan diet. Maybe you don’t eat cosmetics, but veganism is a lifestyle and it concerns all aspects of life. 


The serum has two minor disadvantages. It is a bit sticky during application, but after it is not. It can also make your skin feel tight like in a lifting effect. But it shall not be forgotten that we apply serum under face cream. In that case it’s absolutely fantastic. The problems, as you can see, are tiny, but it’s better to warn you. If you use a japanese method of patting or pressing cosmetics into the skin instead of rubbing them (which damages the skin, irritates and boosts aging) the tightening effect can be easily eliminated. 

Serum costs around 4 euro. The price quality ratio is great 🙂

That’s all. A simple cosmetic with great results. 

See you! 

About Ola D.

I'm into being ecofriendly and everything bio and organic. Not obsessed yet, trying to be reasonable.

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