Obviously it’s about the money. Following the eco fashion, many companies thinking (often right) that consumers are idiots, try to convince us that their products are made with taking environmental protection into consideration. However, the only goal is to make money. Over the dead bodies. Business is business. 


Packaging is not everything. Eco and bio labels do not guarantee anything. 

Greenwashing is an old idea. However, the first real note on this topic appeared in 1986. Of course in many countries such as, of course, Poland the awarness concerning this issue is tiny. – a bit of history 

How does greenwashing work? Examples are the best. 


Here we have an example of information many of you have found in a hotel room. If you leave a towel on a hanger, it means you’re going to use it again. If on the floor/basin, it will be changed. Such activities generally lead only to financial savings for the hotel, but have little to do with ecology. Hotel is not an ecological place because of usage of enourmous amounts of water and dangerous detergents. These problems should be dealt with. The notice can only help us get rid of guilty conscience. 

Another example is a change of McDonald’s logo from red and yellow to green and yellow. I’ll leave it without any comment. 

There has also appeared an interesting slogan for AirbusA380  “A better environment inside and out”. I don’t really get it. Ecofriendly plane? Makes me laugh. Tons of gas, billions of plastic forks, cups etc.  

Here I present 7 sins of greenwashing:

– the Hidden Trade-off – claiming that a product is ecological on the basis of a set of minimal characteristics, leaving out trully important issues 

– No proof – there is no base for the information about ecofriendliness 

– Vagueness – all claims are formed in order to mislead 

– Irrelevance – claim, even though it might be true, has nothing to do with the product 

– Lesser of two evils – claim might be true for one product in a given category, but does not refer to the whole category 

– Fibbing – least common, as too obvious 

 Gibberish  – use of jargon that is difficult to understand 

Think about the sins and see for yourselves how much greenwashing surrounds us. 

Best wishes

About Ola D.

I'm into being ecofriendly and everything bio and organic. Not obsessed yet, trying to be reasonable.

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