Dyeing first, washing next.

Today it’s time to discuss shampoos. We use them everyday, but they are full of creepy irritating monsters reaching for our delicate insides with their harmful tentacles.

That’s why first I will scare you and next, traditionally, propose a healthy and safe option.

Shampoos, as well as shower gels and other cleaning cosmetics are totally filled with cheap substances with worse and worse reputation. Fortunately. The rise of consumer awarness will make the situation even better.

A list of unwelcome guests:

SLS – Sodium Lauryl Sulfate – irritating and aggressive detergent appearing in the beginning of the ingredients list right after water. It means there is a lot of it. Its powers are causing allergies and all kinds of irritations. Moreover, it dries the skin perfectly, leading to itching, redness and even atopic dermatitis. Lets add dandruff and hair loss. Perfect set.

SLES – Sodium Laureth Sulfate – a slightly less brutal brother. But don’t be fooled. Don’t. Seriously, it is no alternative for SLS. Bye bye mister.

SLS and SLES ale often contaminated with carcinogenic dioxins (favorite poison od Ukrainian authorities).

Propylene glycol – mentioned in connection to hair colors. Its biggest achievement is helping toxic substances in penetrating the skin deeper inside the organism.  Such a  doorkeeper.

DEA, MEA, TEA – three Shakespeare sisters.  Diethanoloamine, Monoethanoloamine and Triethanoloamine. Their task is to make foam as people believe that if you can’t make an afro out of foam it means that the shampoo does not clean. That’s why this skanks appear causing allergies and having toxic and potentially carcinogenic effect.

PEG and PPG – Polyethylene and Polypropylene Glycol. These are washing substances with carcinogenic effect and destroying genetic structure of  cells. That says it all.

Ammonium Chloride – used in battery production. Causes dandruff and allergies.

Sodium Chloride – salt. Added in big amounts as a thickener. And you know. Too much salt is harmful.

Parabens – eg. methylparaben, propylparaben. It is said that these are best examined preservatives. Indeed, and that’s why we know that they are irritating, estrogenic and highly allergizing. But because they’re the cheapest, they are commonly used.

Synthetic fragrance – you’ll find Parfum in the ingredients. What does it mean? Up to 4000 chemical substances, which irritate the respiratory system and skin. And this may lead to allergies and asthma.

Silicones – seem to be harmless but they make no sense. They cover hair with a layer which in the beginning gives shine. The cumulation of layers dries hair. Illusive glossiness changes into matt. We change the shampoo and conditioner (even more silicones) and after a short improvement the bad result is back. Many silicones do not dissolve in water. Cumulated take away hair’s beauty and damage them by not letting moisturizing and conditioning substances penetrate.

Dissolving in water-dimethicone copolyol
-lauryl methicone copolyol
-hydrolyzed wheat protein hydroxypropyl polysiloxane
-each silicone with PEG in front
Not dissolvng in water, easily removed with delicate shampoos (based on e.g. coco betaine)
-beheonoxy dimethicone
-phenyl trimethicone
Not dissolving in water, hard to remove with delicate shampoos
Sulfates necessary to remove – keep away from them!
– trimethylsiloxysilicates.

It’s time for positive information. The market of natural cosmetics does not disappoint.

First of all Rossmann Alterra shampoos. I used the one with caffein and biotin for hair loss. Generally, changing for natural shampoos limits hair loss visibly after some time. This shampoo also adds vitality and shine.


I also tried the shine shampoo and the volumizing one. On the whole, the shampoos are quite similar to each other, but they all have a big advantage. They cost little, have good compositions, clean and refresh, add healthy glow, don’t tangle hair too much (use a good conditioner for such problems and don’t torture your hair). They foam delicately, no possibility of concrete foam. To sum up. These are good and delicate shampoos with a not oppressive smell, which is very characteristic for natural cosmetics. You just have to get used to it.

Image       Image

Nowadays I’m using a Sante shampoo from a Family line. It’s a shine shampoo with orange essential oil, coconut extract and aloe juice. It cleans well and hair not only shines but is fantastically soft and delicate.


Other cosmetics which I very much liked are Neobio shampoos in a new version with very good prices. There are three options in the offer: adding shine, adding volume and nourishing. I had a pleasure to use the first two. They are similar to Alterra. Somehow, I preferred the volumizing one with caffeine and birch. After using the shine shampoo hair didn’t differ as far as the glow, but they were more flat. That’s why if I decide to come back to Neobio, I’ll choose the caffeine.


The biggest hit as far as shampoos are concerned, as well as conditioners, is Eubiona.  I have recently used many samples and the next shampoo in my bathroom will be made by them. You can choose from many versions for dry, greasy, fine, colored and sensitive hair.

What’s so amazing about Eubiona shampoos? Hair is fabulously soft, fluffy (not too much) and looks great. No irritation or itching of scalp. Moreover, mirror shine and lightness. With the conditioner by the same company we can have an ideal set.

Image       Image


The truth is that natural shampoos maybe do not have knocking down smells or creamy textures (although they also exist) , but it is serioulsy worth using them for your own health and the amazing natural glow and brilliant softness. Moreover, as far as the versions I tried, they do not weight down the hair. (I did not use the nourishing versions.) Additionally, my hair stays fresh longer and is not so greasy any more.

Have a nice washing!


About Ola D.

I'm into being ecofriendly and everything bio and organic. Not obsessed yet, trying to be reasonable.

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