My collection of cleaners has a new member – dishwashing tablets by Domol (Rossmann) with Ecolabel certificate.


Dishwashing products are not innocent. They consist of salts which have a detrimental effect on sewerage systems and bacteria in wastewater treatment plants. The most dangerous are phosphates and surfactants. The first ones can cause disorders in the water environment leading to excessive growth of some organisms and extintion of others. The result is withering of water reservoirs because nature is powerless. The second ones, as can be read from their name, accumulate on the surface obstructing oxygen penetration. This hinders growth of organisms and self-cleaning of reservoirs.  It cannot be overlooked that the harmful substance from detergents can be not fully removed from the dishes and get into our organisms directly with food or indirectly from the water cycle.

That is why it is worth looking for a safer option which is cheaper that the competition.

Domol tablets do not consist of phosphates and other hazardous substances, or at least in a limited scope. There are no fragrances, which I like very much. These are typical multifunctional tablets, so other products are not necessary.  Salt is recommended in case of very hard water.

After the first washing I can say that I’m really satisfied. The dishes are clean, shiny and odourless.

If you have any experience with these tablets or powders with Ecolabel tell me about your impressions.

About Ola D.

I'm into being ecofriendly and everything bio and organic. Not obsessed yet, trying to be reasonable.

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