About cleaning and my love to one frog.

People say that baking soda and vinegar are the best. So why do I, a devoted friend of nature do not use them? The answer is simple. I am so lazy that I don’t feel like mixing myself. It’s much easier to reach for a bottle and spray. Yes. I did try. In different  proportions and with different goals, according to the Perfect Housewife’s directions (the original one). And? And nothing? It appears that you need time, patience (which I don’t have) and strength to clean with the mixtures of soda, vinegar and lemon. That’s why I decided to use ready made ecological products, which are more and more available.

The choice is quite big. For some time only on the internet and for serious money, and as we know prices can be scary and can successfully prevent the cleaning ecologist from developing. However, the eco fashion works. Let’s be happy folks, as finally we can clean with no guilty conscience and protecting our health.

A frog. Kermit, mentioned earlier is a frog and I love him, but the frog who lives at my place in many copies is Frosch (a frog). The German company created in 1986 is a cleaning pioneer. The products are great and affordable. Natural ingredients of plant origin, no phosphats, formaldehyde and other atrocities, care about the environment during production – impressive.

Now I have a washing liquid, cleaning milk and my favourite spray based on baking soda. Master of cleaning in the kitchen and everywhere else. Image

Recently, a German chain store Rossmann introduced some eco products in its Domol series. It’s quite surprising that so late, as Germany is a leader in bio business. My first product is a toilet cleaner. If you decide to try it, you can be sure that results such as crying, suffocating , brain corrosion and total body degradation do not appear. Kick out all the Domestoses and other WC ducks. It’s hight time for a new meaning of a clean toilet.  The rule “if it hurts, it works” cannot exist. Unless your life is a punishment and you like to be martyrs.


We the Poles have our products as well. E.g. Gold Drop. I use a universal cleaner and a window cleaner. They work, smell nicely, not oppresively. And they last forever taking into consideration how often I clean the windows or floors.


Domol and Gold Drop have the Ecolabel certificate developed by the European Commission. The certificate refers to the whole process of production beginning with acquiring resources, through production, packaging, up to use and final disposal (biodegradation and recycling).


I have also tried one bathroom cleaner by a Belgian company Ecover. In contrast to Domol or Gold Drop this producer, just like Frosch, takes care of the environment globally. The liquid doesn’t smell especially pretty, but it meets my expectations.


To finish, Frosch one more time. Frosch does the laundry at my place. Powders and fabric softeners are long gone. I stock up in Germany, because refills are not available in Poland. I am so happy with the liquids that I’ve been using them for years. There are some options: color, lemon for whites,  aloe and a special one for delicates and wool. I can’t say how will they deal with very dirty kids’ or workers’ clothes, but for people with no kids or who don’t get dirty too much they’re really great. Clothes are clean, do not really smell of anything and I like it. Ironing is easy. I higly reccommend Frosh for your clothes.Image

This is my collection. It’s a good idea to invest in such products, not only for the environment, but also for your own health. And don’t use too much, there’s no need. Moreover, in many cases a wet cloth is enough. I’ll write about it once I decide to have a break from other stuff.

About Ola D.

I'm into being ecofriendly and everything bio and organic. Not obsessed yet, trying to be reasonable.

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