SWAP PARTY – how it was, how it will be.

I was great. On 28th of June all clothes maniacs, who like to save money, get something new and adopt unwanted garments, met in Szczecin, Poland in the most colorful place in the world – CAFEIN. Thanks to Sabina, the owner, my idea could come true. The idea appeared because just as many other women I have a lot of clothes that I do not really wear. Also, Swap parties are very successful around the world. So it happened.

ImageTotal frenzy 🙂

ImageEncouraged by the success and still full wardrobes (the exchange does not reduce the number of pieces of clothing) on 28th September we are organising the next edition. In two weeks on Saturday at 4 p.m. we start a wild hunt refreshed by a red wine cocktail. Image

You have to be there! Come if you happen to be in Szczecin.

About Ola D.

I'm into being ecofriendly and everything bio and organic. Not obsessed yet, trying to be reasonable.

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